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Interesting insights from the Collection of the Centre Part 2 : More TYA in Africa


Feuillet d´Informations des Jeunes Participants aux JOUCOTEJ

(Information Booklet of the young participants of the JOUCOTEJ)

The JOUCOTEJ (Congolese Day of Theater for Children and Young People) is festival for children and youths that takes place every year in the D.R.C. This booklet contains information about the Editorial, Opening Day of JOUCOTEJ at Boboto, an Interview and a summary of the meeting of a Comedian, Masumu with some young talents. 

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Have a look in the ASSITEJ International Archives: Box A3  (Ausland Sonstige J-K)

Young Actors and Actresses

'Ali's Dream' was the play hosted by all the children of the Sharim El Sheikh Language School, around 70 students beginning at 4 years ord, written especially for them by a friend of the school, Doris Michaels. Gen. Salah, the Mayor of Sharm, and parents attendet this play, it began with all the children singing the National Anthem of Egypt, at the school premises in Nabq.

Sticker on the frontpage of THE PENINSULA. THE MAGAZIN FOR SINAI. January/February 2001


TACY Report of Mauritius June 2003

Historical background of the Republic of Mauritius, Profile of the Association, Activities of the Association, Teachers’ Performance in Creative Theatre Activity, Newspaper, Radio programme, Coming Events – 2003, Conclusion, List of Members.

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Have a look in the ASSITEJ International Archives: Box 27783


The Namibian Theatre Movement. By Frederick B. Philander Ed. , Windhoek, 2003, 56 pages

Overview of Namibian Theatre, Cultural Emancipation, Comical Theatre Moments, History of the Namibian Theatre Festival, Problems of Namibian Actors, First festival winners, The first Black Actor speaks, The ASSITEJ-Namibia movement, Profile of an International Judge, Going for the Big Theatre Price, Status of Children Theatre, From Stage to Politics, Theatre Projects in the Pipeline, Problems organizing the festival, Theatre as educational tool, The Theatre Way Forward, Southern African Theatre Initiative.

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Have a look in the ASSITEJ International Archives: Box A4 (Ausland Sonstige L-P)



Children´s Traditional Theatre and Literature

"Uganda National Theatre and Cultural Centre is a semi-autonomous statutory body established by an act of Parliament. (Act 32 Uganda National Cultural Centre Amenaed in 1985). It is under the Ministry responsible for Culture which at the present is known as the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development (…) The Centre now lives a history of probably 40 years. Those who made this come true were individuals and organisations that were eargerly interested in the preservation, promotion and development of art and culture in the Country"

Introduction (The Society, ASSITEJ), Indigenous Physical Activities And Freedom Of Movement Among Children, ASSITEJ UGANDA, UGANDA National Theatre And Cultural Centre At 40 Years

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Have a look in the ASSITEJ International Archives: Box 27762